Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chula Vista Genealogical Society

Chula Vista Genealogical Society

Do you follow them or belong to their  group?  Are you taking advantage of the multitude of classes and activities they offer to move your research forward?

Their primary site is: Primary site is:

As a founding member of this group and current Educational Chairperson, trying hard to get help to
all those foundering around in the mire and the muck trying to break down the brick wall to find answers.

Many say we make our brick wall by how we think and respond to our needs.  It is possible, not always probable.

It is always advantageous to have a second or third set of eyes look over documents we think we  have pulled everything out of.  Many times re-picking up that document and discovering we missed a clue won't happen if that other pair of eyes is helping.

Sharing research can be a  terrific way to not build our own blinders.

We recommend you  use the six basic charts to keep track of your research.   We recently added a 6th.  There was just five.

Here they are:
*   5-generation pedigree chart
*   Family Group Sheet
*   Census record form
*   Research log
*   Research checklist
*   Timeline of researched person

The timeline can be used in many ways.  The timeline of the ancestor, the timeline of the community they lived in help to secure information you may otherwise miss.

These charts can be found on our webpage which is listed above.

 A great map site can be found here. 

Thanks Mr. Tanner for this information, for I had mislaid the link about a year ago.

The Educational Blog of course is here. Come back often or sign up to follow this blog to get good strong basics for research and or current news happening in the Genealogical World.

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