Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Library of Michigan and State Archives of Michigan

Having a chance to visit the Michigan State Archives and again chat briefly with Kris was awesome.

For those of you who do not know what this place has in store for you, please start thinking of a trip there.

It has the largest selection on New York Research I have ever seen. Finding things for many states besides the fact I did have family in Michigan early.  Yup, it did happen.

I know I have kin there now, at a High School as a Librarian (cousin) and our son and his family.

Yes, even in the same town.

Library of Michigan - Family History

For questions, please contact the Archives of Michigan at archives@michigan.gov.

They have an on site program to help you off site.  

I will not copy the data here because I did not get to ask Kris if it would be okay.  

When you go into the building and through the doors the L leads to the Library and the R leads to the elevator and the Archives upstairs.

Please click on the link given and learn what help you can get from home and from attending this great facility.

I want to take a sleeping bag and spend a week inside the building, even then it would not let me get through all the books they have that would advance my genealogical research.

Having done Michigan research, Virginia Research and Pennsylvania Research this time and found missing links.
Also learning how erroneous our History books are for Civil War persons.  Yes, I knew this long ago but it never ceases to amaze me that it is still  being done today.  

Oh, yes they have a copy machine and  the current up to date gadgets for Researchers to utilize.  Computers are used by people from all over the state as they are looking for a death certificate or a will or other documents on their family.

Yes, I found another distant cousin while at this library, They also live in Michigan but from an eastern state.

So click the link and see what is there and what will help.

Plan a trip if it is near enough if not plan a trip because to visit there it is not costly as other places are.

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