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Society Saturday, CVGS and Guests BREAKING BRICK WALLS

Hands on Workshop for CVGS and Guests

Today was our workshop that  replaced our spring Seminar.  Our members brought two guests and we shared, data and information from 10 am until 3:45 pm when all were sent home to try more hints and tips than they could fathom.

 Our goal was to talk about a topic then have the attendees see if they could apply it to their genealogy while they were in the event, so help could be given if troubles or confusion occurred.

 Randy Seaver started with talks about various programs within FAMILY SEARCH.  He shared many links and lots of hot tips for us to try.    He showed members and guests, how to access probate records, ( )Family Search Home Page, FamilySearch Historical Record Collections (, FamilySearch Historical Record Collections (, census records, and other items like books and data needed to fill in our blanks.  He talked about how books carry a lot of information and they can be accessed at Family Search.  He answered questions on how to use Family Search as a source on our Genealogy Programs.  He also demonstrated many items of major interest regarding his topics.  He shared many links with us to further learn about Family Search.

He also talked about within Family Search. Then he discussed New York Probate Records on Family Search,  how to's.  New York records we are all so in need of.  He gave a step by step demonstration for us to use at home.  2 handouts and 5 pages of information.

This was one Tip he shared:TIP: Save the link as a Bookmark or Favorite on your computer browser and use that to access FamilySearch collections with one click.
Thank You Randy Seaver

We then broke for lunch. Some people brought lunch and others went out for lunch.  We had about 45 minutes to do lunch.  Also our Hospitality Hostesses had water, coffee, tea and snacks during the day for us to nibble on.  Thank You JoAnn Bonner and Ana Castro.  Thank You Arlene Watters for help with set up and for caring. Thanks to Ken Robeson and Sam Seat for helping with bringing in the coffee and other data I needed to have carried.

After lunch, Shirley Becker presented her OVERCOMING SCOTOMA!
If you do not know the word look it up.  It is something we do on a steady basis when we are reading and researching and are not aware of it.  27 people now are more aware of it than in the past.
Amazing how one sentence can mean something to one person and different to another. Reading and grasping what we read was really sliced and diced and makes you think twice of what you have read.

She also mentioned many links that Randy had suggested also for garnering more information on resolving our Brick Walls. Reinforcing what Randy had said, so that guests would understand it better. She shared three forms with information for researchers to use: Source Checklist, Strategies for "Doing the History", and Focus analytical attention on all documents that support the details of the particular ancestor.
Thank You Shirley Becker

After a brief break we then listened to our own Bethel Williams talk about,  "What are the SOUTHERN STATES".
What a great coverage she gave about what states were Southern and why some were not. Many questions came about due to the Civil War.  She shared several links and much data on where to find more information such as:,, The importance of the Mason-Dixon Line, in the shaping of the South.  She talked about how Maryland was kept Northern by a manuever that Pres. Lincoln did. Some states were split in allegiance.

The small battles held in California and in other states that were not allowed to get carried into big battles was interesting also. She had maps of the various regions involved in the War.  She shared urls for many sites for research.  How many knew some of the veterans from the CW especially the Confederates went to Brazil to live. She talked of who got paid and who did not and the reason why they did not. Federal Reimbursement Claims for loss of property and damage during the war.
She mentioned the website that showed those that went to Libera, Africa, and into Canada.

She mentioned FREEDMAN's BANK REGISTERS, and other information tied to that action.
She named the Southern states with a page of urls for information on each state mentioned. Also gave a misc. page for other sites for research.

40 + pages of data and clues and ideas.
Thank You Bethel Williams

Lastly,  I  presented on  ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES AND SOCIETIES.  Sharing information first on a great sites about Australian Research becoming big. Then moving across the water to
Prussian/German Genealogy Help, shared by Mark Rabideau.
Prussian- German Genealogy Help 1 

Within this site is information on Beginning Genealogy, German Internet Resources, 
Language Tool Internet Resources, Mennonite/Amish Internet Resources,
Polish Internet Resources, & WW1 & WW2 War Victims Internet Resources.

Do not forget FOLD 3 Free til mid month for WW 11 information.

Next I shared data about Kentucky that is on Facebook:

My name is Don A. Howell and i run a Genealogy page on Face Book called West Kentucky Genealogy. The purpose and goal of the page is to reunite old photos and documents back to their proper families. So if you have a spare hour or so feel free to pop over to : and look around :-) 

Having found so much data on Facebook pages and societies and groups sharing this one so people can see the generosity of these people.

Then I shared a list of Major Libraries: including the site that carries the WayBack Machine.,  Digital Public Library of America, Internet Archive, Australia, European Data,  E Books, Family Search,  Google Books

@hathitrustRandom data point: just confirmed that we are at 621,188 US federal documents available at  A partnering site with US Universities, reserved for same.

Bonita-Sunnyside Branch Library -- San Diego County Library 1
 is affiliated with above link.
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries: Current Automation Systems
Directory of Public Libraries in the USA massive list of available libraries for research.

Urban Libraries Council has 179 Library's. Public Libraries in the US, section of includes 16,887 library's
Lists all 50 states

State Archives

State and Territorial Archives and Programs

National Archives   Free site

Here is master site I used for data.

Societies Both Historical and Genealogical

Please start with the Historical Societies and information. If you do not you may miss some key genealogical sources you won't know to look at.

I use and

Great sites on Facebook for information, also on LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Hot off the Press was this.

Rhode Island News

Alas, Ken Robison said, "With all these sites to see when will we be able to do Research?"
At least he said it with a big smile and eyes twinkling.

Also Ken won the door prize.  A book written by an Englishman regarding Genealogy Mystery.

Thanks to all those that came to make it a success.

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