Thursday, May 21, 2015

Maryland Information

I am going to post some links to data in Maryland.  Remember watch the boundaries when doing research in early states.

Randy Seaver asked what is my favorite Free Sites on the Internet, it is simple. I still prefer as a place to start.  

 Of course you only need one.

If the county not active go to the archives area and research until your eyes glaze over.

The next best site is the      site that is part of the system.

Yesterday we did a lot of work on the rootsweb site.  The reason is the amount of data that was created and maintained on those front pages and internally.

You get Mailing Lists. Are you using a Mailing List site for you Brick Wall?

You get Message boards which you can post your query and some times get a response fast sometimes it takes a few years.  (On Tuesday of this week someone answered one of my old queries and I have a new link with lots of fresh information to share and it ties so much together.)

It has so much more than what I want to confuse you with.   So start with those two and try it.

It does not cost a penny, just a few minutes of your time.

There are charts and forms and trees, etc.

Then there is:

Do not forget that Maryland claimed many miles up into Pennsylvania and that Pennsylvania did the same down into Maryland.

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