Monday, May 11, 2015

Modern Resources, have you tried any of them?

 We are going to briefly touch on modern resources and methods to keep in touch and learn.

  Have you attended a Google Plus Hang Out?  I attended one of the very first and did the LONGEST HANGOUT with a group of genealogists and other people around the world. I spoke to people in Brazil, Germany, Russian, Poland, Iceland, and other places a round the world. Having found a cousin in Germany that was from Wyoming was really cool.  Shared recipes with the Brazilian man, and DNA information with the man from Iceland.

  Have you tried a U -Tube Video?    Some interesting information on them as well.

 What about Webinars?    This will give you something to think about and do try at least one in the next few days.

GeneaWebinars- Genealogy Serendipity - Listening For Our Ancesto

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