Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Monthly Meeting has MOVED And !

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Monthly Meeting has MOVED

Yes, we are meeting at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library  4375 Bonita Road
BonitaCalifornia  91902-2698.

Chula Vista's Auditorium is being renovated.  I hear we will be back in September when completed.

It is great to see a City of this size finally upgrading it's main library and getting the Wi-Fi functioning correctly, and the computers up to modern day speed.  

The Chula Vista Genealogy Society invites you to join us at our General Meeting for:     

Randy Seaver Presenting:
"Probate Records: My Favorite Records Type"
Randy is a native San Diegan, a retired aerospace engineer, a genealogy researcher and family historian since 1988, with a fine set of obscure Northeast US/Canada colonial ancestors, with some 19th century English immigrants.  He too is a Past President, current newsletter editor and committee chair for research and queries for CVGS.

Taken from our Chula Vista Genealogical Society link. Click here and learn more about our group and what we do.  

We work hard to create a learning environment for our members and guests.
We hold many meetings each month to incourage members and guests to learn more about our society and how we can help you move your genealogy/history along with a postive stroke or two.  

We will be presenting two Scholarships to two Sweetwater Union High School District seniors in the near future. This is to help them move on to a College or Jr College or Trade School.

We hope next year there will be a greater participation at both our Seminar that funds the Scholarships and students participation to win one.  The Scholarship is not tied to grades or other influences.  It is tied to doing the required steps and being presented properly to the Society. It could help you to become a Baker, a Chef, a Car Mechanic, etc.

More to come on the Seminar, keep watching.  This is all free also.

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