Sunday, January 19, 2014

New York Researchers Heads UP...... UP Please READ and HELP.

New York Genealogists and Historical Societies, Groups etc.  Please read and somehow can we all work to make this happen and not let these documents get destroyed. Pass the word to any whom you think may be able to help.

 On Sunday Morning I received this and she gave permission for me to forward to the blog.

On 1/19/2014 3:27 PM, Chris Connell wrote:
The Sunday 1-19-14 Albany Times Union has a feature story about the
at-risk trove of books and papers in the NYS Education Building.
Here's the link to the story:

Particularly disturbing is this:

/The weightiest challenge is what to do with 17,000 square feet of old
newspapers, including dozens from outside New York state. Many ceased
publication long ago. There is the Washington Globe, a semiweekly from
the 1830s, and the Washington National Observer from the 1850s. There
are stacks of defunct papers from 19th-century Boston, including the New
England Palladium, Boston Investigator, Boston Evening Gazette, New
England Galaxy and Boston Pearl./

/Limited storage and resources will result in jettisoning newspapers
from outside the state if they are unable to find libraries or archives
that will take them. Digitizing them is cost-prohibitive. Funding was
discontinued in 2007 for the New York State Newspaper Project, which
microfilmed more than 4.37 million pages from among 10,537 New York
state newspapers during 20 years by State Library employees./
 I have attempted to contact, NGS, NEHGS, Fulton  County History site,  several Rootslists, asking each of you to do the same so we can save these papers, books etc.  There is so much missing in NY.  

We do not want it to be like SC mess. Please with email the communication can be done and surely somehow we can rescue these.

I am a descendant of NEW YORK people and records are slim to none for many after 30 years of research. Even in the age of the computer, it is slim.

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