Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Places that are Really Old Places to Search

Did you realize we forget some of the more exciting places to search?  When in Michigan 7 years ago I was gifted with a box of Post Cards.  I was in the Antique Mall with my son in his shop and the other side had other antiques and on the counter sat a box lid of Post Cards.

 When I was young I saved Post Cards.  In 1967 when we went to Hawaii, the government shipment lost them all the entire collection, half of the letters my husband had written and pictures and our recent Xmas gift from parents we just opened and repacked in that box.

So this lid of Post Cards was eye catching. I was able to replace about 15 of the cards, of course they did not have the relatives names and addresses on them but I did get the picture of the places they had been and were sharing with me.

Wishing I had accepted the other lid of cards and brought them home but so grateful for the ones I do have.

Have you ever gone Antiquing for Family Treasures.  I watch for old Books, Letters, Post Cards, Pictures, especially if your in the area the ancestors lived.  It also works if your in an area an ancestors family may have moved to and died out..

Someone else mentioned E-BAY and places of that nature to watch for items. I got a Land Grant from E -Bay back in early 90's. It is my Ancestor's. Estate Sale by County in PA.

Estate Sales are great on their own.  You never know what will surface.

Maps can be found this way also. Aunt used to hit an auction at least every other week for many years until cancer took her.

So if you were raised in the area, start looking at the antique stores, for clues.  I was in another Antique Shop in Pennsylvania in 93. I did not find an article but found a distant cousin that was in charge of the shop.  Now that was a truly great find.

Have you gone antiquing for family clues or tried E-Bay for letters, papers or books?

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