Monday, January 6, 2014

Goal Setting, Goal Achieving Ideas

Wow, the new year is here.  Ideas are flying up and down the wires for how to master our genealogy adventures.

 Some that I like are going to be listed here and it may help  you also.  The cool one also written up by Randy Seaver in Genea-Musings is ( 52 Ancestors ).

 The idea is that each week of this year you write something up about a different ancestor.  Having a blog would be awesome to go with it but not necessary.  If you just wrote an article about a different ancestor each week to those that you share your research with may help many. If it was a blog it may help even more people because it would show up when searching.   Nor is it a hard thing to do. A bit about where born, what they did, how they lived, how many children they had, etc.  Randy has chosen Friday for his day to write about an Ancestor.

Genea-Musings  link to his page.

Since Genealogy is such an encompassing event, another thing to help along the way is, put the word out your looking for a picture of the ancestor and obituary. Post this on Surname Boards and Roots Lists that apply to the area that ancestor was in.

If a member of our society or a society on Facebook you could post this information there and you may be amazed at the results you may receive.

Having shared for the Virginia Research group Virginia Pioneers, I want to remind you again of their quality and not expensive service.  Having shown to the Research Group Saturday what this site can lead you to. I will share some of it here.

VIRGINIA PIONEERS  they are covering each county.  They  have Wills, Probates and much data  for free to see and Wills etc that can be purchased. In Halifax County I found five Wills that had not yet been discovered.

Join one society where an ancestor lived you have not joined before.  Share with them what knowledge you have so they are willing to share knowledge back with you.

Plan to attend at least one monthly activity put on by your local society.  They need your physical and emotional support.

Join at least one active blog for information to assist your research.  If your society has Blogger helpers, follow them on their blog for the information they take the time to share with you.

For those who do not like Facebook, try google+ for the genealogical people there. A " hangout"
is a great way to talk and share data with others of the same name or same region or same goals.
One never knows who you may link with or find distantly related.

Remembering when Leland M and Bill Dollarhide was here you may want to join and receive their news bulletin.  It covers new books, current genealogical information  and hints and tips.
"Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC"

 Hope this helps.. Happy Blessed New Year to each and everyone.

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