Monday, May 20, 2013

Military Service, Do you keep track of it?

Military Service, Do you keep track of it?

Going to give a shout out to a fellow Genealogist, Bill West.  For some  time I have followed Bill West and was always fascinated by the fact he posts his ancestor's birthdays.

Thereby triggering the thought we should do the same this month, for our  Service people

Armed Services Day and Memorial Day both fall in this month with Flag Day and Father's Day.

Thinking this may help us to remember, who we need to be looking for to fill in some blanks.

Since being born in 1940, look at the wars and the like we have gone through.  WW11, Korean War, Vietnam, Israel/Palestine, many Mid East skirmishes.. We are still deeply embroiled in service people away from the USA.

Have you given due to your Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins or sibling?  How many we're in which branch of the service? Did they do it as a career or just for duration of the event?.

After these are recorded you should work back in your lineage, as best you can.

There are many places to gather information from, some is even free.

Fold3, Genealogy Bank, NARA, State Archives, Federal Archives, local library ancestor lived in,
Genealogical and Historical societies, plus many service organizations, DAR, SAR, FRA, Elk's, Eagle's, Mason's, and the list goes on.

Do not forget your own elderly family members and their recollections.

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