Saturday, May 18, 2013

Are you a Metes and Bounds Person?

Observing many conversations on the boards lately,  brought to mind again this topic.

When you give directions is it in Metes and Bounds format or numbers and name?

Michael John Neil,  really brought this home the other day.

Discovering I am really a Metes and Bounds person, may help me to communicate better with other genealogist.

Referencing is normally given thus," across the street from Target, next to Barnes and Noble is the map making store".

Thinking of places as objects verses addresses, keeps things centered for directions.  The sun comes up in the east, it sets in the west, That was drilled into brain in 4-H Camp, in case we ever got strayed from the group.  Yes, some of the group did stray but the Advisors, stopped the hike and went and gathered them up.

So for the ancestor to plot his land for description, what better method did he have?  Probably none.
Trees were planted, rock mounds were made, a creek, river or mountain may have been used for reference.

Can you write a description of your land holding in Metes and Bounds?

One of mine would be: from the utility box on the sidewalk to the southwest corner abutting the neighbors fence, then north to the northern neighbors fence in the
Northwest corner, abutting the neighbors fence, then east to the side walk,then south to the utility box.

Can you plot yours?

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