Wednesday, May 15, 2013

15 Shades of Green

15 Shades of Green

  Fifteen shades of green that should be fifty.

Lately people have been asking some intriguing questions.  Have  you noticed them?

Questions like, should we know the local history of our ancestors home?  Should we seriously do up as accurate as possible time line?  Is tracking my family important even if I am the last of the line.

Well, it made me realize that the topic needs addressed.

As my time comes to a close here again, watching the barren trees, dormant grass and shrubs come back and put their clothes on for another season, I felt this needed said.

Yes, your history is important to others, whether it is kin or just strangers or friends,  Some times what you say, may help some one to make a better decision.

Our lives are about choices, so help them to make choices by sharing your own time here.
Maybe you write, paint, just enjoy seeing the leaves change and the plants grow. Some one may need to read that it is normal to have those desires.  Hoping this encourages to write about your life, do not leave an empty hole.

The comments then relate to our families past.  If no one wrote what they knew, what would we have , to learn about the past.  Knowing something about the community, the schools, churches and the people help us to learn about our ancestors, which helps us learn about ourselves.

The bottom line is an accurate as we can time line, starting maybe with  ourselves, then parents, then siblings, then Grand Parents, Great Aunts, Great Uncles as we work our way backwards.

Living in the life of today one can do: Census, Tax Lists, School Rosters, Church Records, Land
Records, Wills, Probate, Court Session's, Town Council Minutes, Church Meeting Minutes, Town History's, and Immigration Records, and Indian Records.  These are just some that today can generally be accessed fairly easily.  Not the case, in the 1950's until about 1995, then records expanded and were shared as probably never before.

So the Fifteen Shades of Green have to do with Michigan's living elements of today. I watched the leaves fall in November and December. Returning early March to see the nakedness of Winter.
It was a beautiful sight to see. Nature in our time at work for me to record for my Grand Children and Great grand's to read and see.

The soft drifting of the snow flakes, the coating of the elements with shades of white, depending on the depth and drift of the snow.

The ice crystals, that mixed in the snow that made it shimmer like gems, took my breathe away.
The serene calm it laid upon the lands, was a reminder of my grey cloudy days at home in San Deigo,Ca.  I have called them God's Quiet Days.  The streets are quieter, the animals are calmer it seems.

So watching an Elm Tree leaf out, a Willow Tree spread its arms, the Oaks buddying,  the Cottonwoods pop, the shrubs and bushes are all different shades of green. Sumac's leafout, the Apple, Pear, Cherry trees budding and blooming.  The boysenberries sprout, the Blueberries thrive. So many many shades of green. Far more than I remember in my childhood home it seems.

So please take up your pen and

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  1. Please take up your pen and share, history with the future.
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