Sunday, May 5, 2013

As We progress, Life Still Happens

Reading many blogs lately, it is noted, as we progress, life still happens.

In these life changing events, are you prepared to roll with the alterations?

Do you carry a note pad of some of your to do items with you?

Note pad you say,  cell phone,  I-Pad,  Nook, they are great but when the juice goes, they no longer listen to you.  Note pad, pencil or pen fill in the gap.

Using a small note pad, has been helpful for when the data needs more clarifying.

 It also draws attention and you may find more clues from those around you.

So take some of your puzzles, add them to a various page.  Then when in Doctor's office or court house, you can ponder these mysteries.  A beak away some times  clears away the fog.

Another alternate resource is a camera.  On that note I will let you ponder why a camera until next time.

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