Friday, February 3, 2012

Tidbits of This and That Genealogical

Tidbits of This and That Genealogical

Reading blogs, Facebook posts, Google+ posts and roots lists queries can really give one great ideas.

Have you taken the time to read about "THE LOST COLONY" group doing massive research.

Lost Colony Research Group

Roberta Estes is the lead person on this great adventure. It is a true adventure and may solve one of the oldest murder mysteries we can learn of in our time.

Another article shared the information to find this site and so I am sharing site with you for your  research.
Access Genealogy: A Free Genealogy Resource

This site will make your head spin and eyes whirl.   Enjoy.

Looking for books try this group.

Family Roots Publishing -   They are to be our speakers in March. O yes they are bringing the books
for  guests to purchase.

Want some Polish help try this site for some advise and knowledge.
HELLO! What a fantastic piece of technology! - Sherlock's Genealogical Adventures


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