Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tennessee Anyone Davidson County and Area

As a researcher I am adamant about how to start your research no matter where your researching.
Days of old it was hard and dreary and confusing. Along came a great idea that blossomed into a great venue for genealogists.
Having no idea how many hours I  spent searching in Reference Books, Who's Who's and Compendium's and Dictionaries for information this venue does not replace that but gives the soul a boost as we are struggling to first start or to complete a lineage.

When Davidson County came into view for research, reaching out to the keyboard I typed in Yes, up came that awesome site. Then I clicked on the county of need. Reading the information posted on the board on the way.  This county was a summation of more than one county in the end.  So one needs to watch your time lines for the break aways.

Here is the first one:Free Genealogy and Family History Online - The USGenWeb Project

Here is the second one:TNGenWeb Project, Inc. |

Here is the third one:List of Counties | TNGenWeb Project, Inc.

Why this one third because it tells you who the Parent county was for researching.

 I then recommend you look at the map as the fourth one:
Tennessee County Formation Maps, from Animap. TNGenWeb

Reason is so you become familiar with the counties around the area which you are seeking information.
Read the data with in the site on the county,
This County was: Cumberland District of North Carolina, Washington Co. prior to state development and county being created. 1783.

Now you are ready to click on Davidson County and go to real work.   Davidson County

By the way, I learned Nashville, is in this county.  So lucky for those citizens.

This site also says they have a site on Facebook.  Lots of resources and data can be found here.

My husbands family surnames: BROWN, TATUM, and some not known ones yet.
His family left many Browns residing there when they moved north to Iowa.

We are looking for his wife Anna Tatum's parents, suspect that Ira Tatum is a brother, for her husband & a brother witnessed papers for Ira Tatum's Will.  Anna Tatum was born about 1800.

Remember I said watch the lines. Robert Brown died 21 Dec 1849 Sumner, Tenn. US being born
1774 Orange, North Carolina, US.  Son Jacob Cantral Brown  1797-1884 married Anna Tatum, Sumner Co. Tenn. US

Sumner Co. was taken from Davidson Co. 1786
                          Wilson Co was taken from Sumner Co. 1799

Williamson Co was taken from Davidson in 1799

This method can be applied to any county in the system to get started.

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