Monday, February 6, 2012

More Urls to live by. Mystery Monday

More Urls to Live By. Mystery Monday

It is always a mystery, when so many new sites suddenly appear.  Ahhh which one do I want to play with.
Well, a few I am familiar with and there are many I am just finding.

Webinars are basically educational and fun both. Sometimes you get some very vital thoughts on how to tackle a Genealogical problem.


People Search  and there really are many, besides them helps to find a lost family member or neighbor when the need arrives. I have used it for personal and work both.  Successful and not sometimes.
But if Aunt Meg has disappeared or the house burned with the address book this site is a help.

People Search by ZabaSearch - Free People Search Engine

This site is fun to use and make better estimated guesses of ones ancestors births.

Genealogy: Tombstone Birth date calculator. Calculate birthday from death date and age.

This is a Rootsweb related site and the information here can help in dealing with Wills, Deeds, Probates and reading old court materials.

Genealogy terms

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