Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Research Information Europe Anyone

Here I am again saying try the free sites first.  I have found lots of great information by using this site.
Click on the map.  Europe

Then you choose between CenEuroGenWeb  or East Europe Genealogy Web
 W. David Samuelsen is coordinator of this 1st site. He is the same person who has

SAMPUBCO this site for United States information. One of my very favorite sites to use.
Many countries have translations on the site for assistance.
Eastern Europe has a multi plex of assistants according to the countries.
Check it out. 

Of course my alternate choices are familysearch.org and one more I will list next.
Familysearch.org recently released many new records for some European countries.
Here is hoping it will break down a few more walls.

The list on their front page is extensive but they also added more information to some of them: Germany,
Spain, England, Netherlands, & Italy.

 I see they even list Africa on their site. If you have not been here in a while it may be worth your while to come take a look.

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