Sunday, October 28, 2018

Just a Thought Regarding Names

Just a Thought Regarding Names by

Surfing through my tree, realized we need a form that contains our surnames and who else is
researching them.

Especially if you are a very early Immigrant to this part of the world.

Always amazed to find how many others have the same families as my family does.

Today opening an email another family member name surfaced to the top.

Suspecting also that We're Related is also doing this if both sides of the trees are accurate.

But beware not every tree given on that site is true. Make sure you check. Though I have solved two brick walls using it by conversing with the one I supposedly connected with. WE DID.

Some lines I have not worked on because there are so many lines to trace if you are early Immigrant.

Missing the old Roots Web forums where we kept track of each others surnames and could communicate and we find links much quicker and friendly than now. When are the rest of the Roots Web data coming back. The SWEET TREE done by my cousin is needed by many. A lot of work went into creating these pieces of information for other researchers to utilize. has a Surname Files section to discuss surnames with. I have broke two more brick walls using them.  They also have a chat area where you can discuss these items to clarify various situations.

We will talk more on come to our Educational Classes.  21 Nov. Lemon Grove, CA

Randy Seaver will be talking about Family Search at Bonita-Sunnyside Library  3 Nov. 1 to 4 PM

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  1. Just a suggestion Susi: most people are interested in researchers looking at the same "family" rather than just the same surname. Unfortunately, defining "family" is difficult, but it is necessary because some surnames are just too common for the research of others to be useful (unless you're involved in a one-name study). A better alternative is to categorise researchers according to their interest in a particular surname during a given place and time. In fact, I have found "place and time" need to be multi-valued to accommodate family movements, including emigration. This is not difficult to do in databases but I am not aware of any product that provides a useful application of that ideal.