Sunday, October 7, 2018

Lost Ancestors Being Resurrected.

  Lost Ancestors Being Resurrected

Saturday at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library we had some great interactive exchanges for doing research and finding answers.

 Those not there truly missed a lot of shared data floating in the air.  Of course there were as many questions as there were comments and answers.

 Some tidbits were:

 What do you do when the living ancestor will not share knowledge the family knows is there?

  What is the best method to track family if there is no one to talk to?

 What do you do to document this small amount of information?

  How long have you all been doing research?

  What could we tell them about  DNA ?  We told them about Randy Seaver starting a class the third  

  Wednesday of the month 12 to 2 pm at the Chula Vista Library, 4th and F St.

  I showed them my painted DNA and told them I am not well versed in it yet but still learning.
  We all discussed the various DNA affiliates we were familiar with.  There are many.  FTDNA is one   of the oldest, My, and 23 and Me are also available plus newer ones.

  I have used about half of them and have a preference.

  How to review a book for family via Surname indexes was discussed.

 The information  you can garner from a Probate Record of an ancestor is very vital if you do not  know what they did.  The tools of their trade or profession are normally in the inventory.

Regions discussed were: Alabama, Louisiana, North and South Carolina.
We also briefly mentioned Georgia.   Indian Heritage, Black Heritage and mixed and Creole.

Sorry you weren't there.

Thanks Grand Rapids for the terrific Event with so much knowledge to learn and share.

Sorry Computer doesn't like me tonight.


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