Monday, October 8, 2018

Answer to No. 1 What do You Do?????

So what do you do when a  living member does not share knowledge you need.

This was a great interactive conversation from all in attendance as to how to get family around
a road block.

1. First mentioned was asked something about that persons youth to them?
     Did you enjoy school, or playing sports?

2.  Do newspaper, church bulletin research for family news.

3.  Look for other members of that generation if they can recall the things they did
     when younger.

4.  Ask about various events in their life?  ie Did you like to cook, or work outside,
     were you happier doing inside chores verses outdoor chores.  Did you chop wood?

5.  Also one I learned at Grand Rapids, which was really a reminder and not being
     applied.  Ask a neighbor of the person you are wanting to share time with what they remember
     of their time with them.

6.  Did they go to school with them or know the family? Many small towns, everyone knew everyone      and can fill in some of the blanks.

7.  Do not give up.  Think of something that you know about them that they have liked or enjoyed  in      your presence.

8.  Review your notes and see what  you can pick up from what you have.

9.  Check census, church records, school records, tax lists, wills and probate papers of the
     family members in question.

10. Never give up, though you may have to lay it aside and go back to it with fresh thoughts.

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