Saturday, February 4, 2017 Presentation, the good, the bad and the ugly.

 My was an adventure unto itself today.  I spent four days going over my presentation to make sure it would go smooth. Then changes the program on Wednesday. NO FAIR.

 Then I rehearse for two more days, discuss with cousin if this was good and was told yes for Beginners we should start here.

 This morning I get on my laptop and the webpage was not coming in, what the heck.  So
Shirley came over and we got it going again. I rehearsed again what I was going to cover and she
suggested some more details in some areas so suggested she do that part.  Thanks Shirley

No we did not expect that site to pop up and shut me off, nor when she took over did we expect her system to also experience trouble.

 I came home and talked to grandson and his comment was maybe someone in library at that time was attempting to mess with our programs ie computers, ie hacking?  He suggested I need to contact the library tomorrow in case other people experienced this problem.  Thank you Zachary.

The program went on with Gary sharing his computer for Shirley to finish going over the areas within the site that users need to be aware of.   Interesting to learn we all tend to do a certain amount of this differently.

We covered the various topics on the system and then the various topics within the program.
It was interesting to see how the program came up different for various people.

It felt disjointed to me badly. I apologize that my system shut down as you all saw.  I had no control of what the computer was doing and I use it only for presentations.  So the computer is not exposed to the world to often.

As I was answering an attendees question, Shirley had trouble and then she borrowed Gary's to finish presentation.  (This is what made Zack think someone in library was playing with computers).

 Hope you all learned a little bit especially that I am not computer smart, smart but can generally move around and do research and do charts and understand instructions.

This program is stored in a cloud not on your computer and since my system crashed 18 months ago, I have been trying to get the data off computer into cloud so it can not be damaged or lost.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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