Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Natural Disasters and the Affect on Our Trees

Due to the many events taking place in the USA right now, thought this was a good topic.

Have you checked family stories out as to the effect the story had to do with natural occurring disasters?

 Recently listening to a speaker at the SDGS Saturday event.  The topic was diseases and infections and how fast or slow they worked. How they spread etc.

 Can you imagine being in the path of a Tornado, Hurricane or massive Flood?  What about Fire?

 Worse is, are you prepared for any of these events?

 Let alone the fact that our country has eradicated many diseases that other countries have not.
 How did we do it? We did it with Vaccinations, and cleaning up our act for wounds and work etc.

 Not many other countries have come this far. Some yes, But think about this, we have let many families enter the United States.  Many of the children have not gotten inoculated and they are then exposing us to have to relive what our Ancestors did sometimes just our parents age.

 Most diseases wipe out the very young or the older generations.

 I am not against anyone coming to our country but I am worried about the exposure we are putting our people in when they arrive with out the proper care. Medical evaluations.

 Having suffered with Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, and the other Measles, I do not recommend it for anyone to endure.  When did I get these ailments ?   Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade mostly.
Realizing these diseases affect ones, hearing, eye site, and other parts of our body forever.

 Then we later had Polio scare and then a vaccine for it also.

 Then we look at the wind taking away half of your home or water inundating your home.

 Both of these events are traumatic and devastating.

 What happens to your records, your keepsakes, your very important pictures you are retrieving from the 4th great grandparents?

 My worst disaster to this point was no one told me that after you save data on discs, they need updated or the next computer can not read them. Yes. 25 years of research still looking for someone that can open so I can read them.

 My other situation was military moves and the things broken or lost in transit.  I had 10 years of letters from my Great Grandmother, Gone. Pictures gone, No way to replace.

 Articles broken when not handled appropriately, but money does not bring the article back.

You may want to set aside some time and see about water proofing some of your information and
converting to newer system before to late for computerized data.

The one thing I want to say after loosing much early Huffman/Hoffman data with the Cedar River Flooding in IOWA. IF it gets wet. Freeze it.   I am told that freezing the articles will take out the water over time and you can salvage a percentage of wet paper and books etc.

Cousin dumped data then called to tell me I did not get there quick enough and I was crying since he did it before calling me and we needed the Indian records and some other articles desperately or
at least felt that way.

Give this some thought and maybe act upon some of it.  


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