Sunday, September 11, 2016

Patriot Day--- Have you recorded your story?

Patriot Day happened on Grandparent's Day.  It has taken over the joy of remembering our Grandparents.

As a Genealogist, you can still do both.  Please add to your Timeline, your story of what you were doing on 9-11.  It will help the future generations remember the horror that it brought about.
The many hundreds of changes that happened for people traveling and communicating in and out of the USA. It truly affected every citizen, even if they did not realize it at the time. Our American lives changed.

Our world is not the same at all, very little for some other than family values for many became much stronger. Many reached out and got over their family differences.

One remembrance was the way people suddenly respected each other. Driving on the roads, freeways were safer and less tickets were written, less accidents happened.

Why is it we always need catastrophic events to make us, slow down and think?

Sure we eat the same food, we go to work, we play, go to sports events and vote for our leaders, which in many countries they do not have those rights yet.

Having sent Mom a Grandparent's Day card, I was ready for Grandparent's Day, on my computer doing a class for the Golden Gate Forum, run by George F.  .  It was shortly after 6 a m when someone in the room said, "Susi turn on your TV.  O this is terrible." I run to the TV and turned it on.  I watched in utter horror as the second airplane flew into the second tower.  I watched people jump out of windows, knowing there was no help.

As the morning progressed, I learned of the other plane going across to Pennsylvania,  also heard about the plane that was suddenly headed into the Capitol area and then seeing it hit the Pentagon.

We had family in that building, our daughter in law's sister, was injured but survived her boss was killed. Our chosen son JR worked there in maintenance. He was our son's buddy and we helped them
to grow up and shared many family hours.  We still do share hours.   He was not injured per say but they all were injured.

Ironic, our oldest son was on his way to airport to go back to those very Towers. He had been there on business before.  He never got off the ground here in  San Diego, Ca.  As you all remember or should know, ultimately all air traffic was canceled. ALL Cancelled.

Our daughter's boss's children worked in that Tower.  God was good again. They were late getting to work and just checking in and flew out the door out of their shoes and up the street. One forgot something at home so was not there, was just arriving in the area.  He had gone back to get what ever he forgot.

I know my two cousins worked there some where but I have never asked them their experiences.
They have never spoke of it, maybe to hard to talk about it yet.  My cousin's daughter and
my other cousin's, niece, was working in that area.  Where I do  not know.

Also take and mark the day regarding your living and deceased Grandparents for future generations to be aware of their status on this day.

A sidebar was our class went on an extra hour holding each other together as the news came in on various events and places and deaths.

God Bless America

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