Sunday, September 4, 2016

Family Tree Maker Up Date by Ken Robison

We had a small group but it was great, to see new faces and the interaction.  Ken presented various areas of FTM, to the group asking what it was they really wanted to learn more about.

We discussed sources and the types that can transfer and those that won't.

He mentioned Timelines and that sparked a major interest from everyone.  The types of timelines that the program can present and how it shows you what you may want to look for more information.

Karen Smith followed the directions once the page was found and was elated that she was able to have a time line on her program.

You can also customize the timeline, you can have historical and story format.

Key comment is Watch For  Person/vs People tab. It will make a difference.

Also brought up was:" Who is going to inherit your Genealogy that is online?"  You can make a Codicil to your Will to make sure there is someone to keep the system sharable and functioning.

GedComs were discussed and there are things that do not transfer in a GedCom's.

Notes do not transfer. Make sure you save original files, until you have verified the GedCom came
through with all the data you expected it to.  Pictures and other items also may not transfer.

He ended with BACK UP YOUR WORK.  Wants us to have a class on Backup.

He had his laptop stolen and they lost a lot of information by not having a back up.

I have a program that is generated in the CLOUDS and I use back updrives to cover mine.
Even then  one of my back up drives died last November. The company I took it to said they could do nothing I may take it somewhere else.

There are several methods to accomplish this which we will discuss in the near future.

Ken handed a two page hand out with tips and hints and where to find answers on Family Tree Maker Program.

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