Sunday, September 25, 2016

28 September 2016 CVCC Library, "Stump the Chumps' is back

  Stump the Chumps, you ask.  Questions presented by members having trouble are presented to a panel of  pre chosen members to help the member move past the brick wall.

  This is totally different from what was being done in the past.  They are only looking for
where you should look for answers.  They are not really resolving the problem, leaving that for the member to work on.

 It should be very interesting, knowing some of the questions that were presented.

  Shirley Becker, Ceasar Castro and Ken Robison and Randy Seaver are the guru's with the
potential answers for the attendees.

  Hoping to resolve at least 12 questions in the hour program.

Come join in the fun and learn of other events that are planned and coming up.

365 F St. Chula Vista in the Library auditorium.  12 noon to 2  pm.

Refreshments served after the meeting.

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