Friday, January 15, 2016

More Topics to Follow and a Vote that is needed in Scotland.

Vote on the Future of Inverness Castle!
Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits  Yes, read what she has posted and vote on your decision.

On the site is a picture of this beautiful castle.

Of course you get four choices.  Mine is choose all four. LOL

No, you really can choose three.

Would love to see it turned into a history facility , Visitors Information Centre and a maybe restaurant and  part time bed and bath for the year. Rent it out for  major events.  Definitely keep the TOWER open.

Beautiful setting and appears better kept than many.

I concur with her ideas.  Research and stay in same spot at same time AWESOME.

Talking about how the  USA has changed, wondering if other countries have had as much changes as we seem to have been dealt.

Manners, respect, behavior, language, and clothing all play a part.  Need to find a European penpal and see if same has happened in Scotland, Germany, Ireland or other countries.

Still looking for my FOULK cousin whom lives in the Los Angeles area. I lost her address and phone number and we met at the Los Angeles Library a few years back.

DearMYRTLE Your friend in genealogy

Try to follow Pat and all her great thoughts and ideas.  Hope to catch her in a google room one day here soon.  I have known her for nye on  30 years.

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