Monday, January 11, 2016

Do You Roam Through Blogs? I Think It Pays Off.


 Today has been hectic and strange.  When stressed I look for different things to make my mind calm.

A blog found, the other day that I thought it may bring back memories and help generate a different concept when digging for clues.

See Mom died a few short years back within this 24  hours.  Which brings up the thoughts this blog mentioned.

This person wrote about the manners of children back when and do we know any children that share these manners today.  I can say,  family members in many homes have taught much of this but it does not always stick but shows up at the oddest of times that it paid to teach them these manners.

They seldom show it when your around but you hear from others about how well mannered and polite they are and how helpful they can be.

Mom and Dad expected nothing less than what this lady wrote about. I remember teaching my sons to stand at church when small and an elderly did not have a seat.  Reminding them that what goes around generally comes around in the future. To hold open the car door or house door, as they are entering or leaving a room or car.  Offer a hand when you see there may be a need.  Carry in the groceries with out being asked.  Attempt to keep your room clean and put dirty clothes in the hamper and the clean ones in the drawer and on hangers in the closet.

O did we succeed, with some of our children it was ducks taking to water, with some of the children it was like a foreign language and what was it you said.  But then at the least suspecting time, you will hear someone say," Child* has been so helpful while I was not up to par. How did you get them to be so attentive?"

So I hope you take the time to read this lady's blog and if you see this done and comment on it somewhere and give them an *attaboy* for their thoughtfulness.

I think it helps for us to read the various topics written about in our major selection of blogs.

Yes learning a map and a census helps but remembering the family sometimes is far more important.

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