Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Boundaries and Names and Times

Woe is the genealogist that does not pay major attention to these noted topics in research.

Boundaries in the early days changed constantly.  Yes, even or more so in Europe.

Why mention Europe because reading data from there being posted under one name when truly was
 another drives me frantic.

When this comes up I generally walk away so frustrated I do not address what I think is a problem.
More a problem today than when I started 1950's, because we are so much more determined that all data is acutely accurate. Data also was more stable for a short period of years.

When boundaries changed many times names changed, titles of land are referenced different.

Look at Europe during the 1400's, look  again when later  people are written about that started to travel the globe in ships.  1600's there were many, that were all over the world.

Now they are saying that Europeans were  here in the probably 1000's and before.  That does not surprise me if you read Archeology magazines and good History records that have been written about.

Amazing some Irish are actually from Turkish region. Why not, we all supposedly came from Africa and depending on how long our people stayed in one area as to what history labeled them. Who ruled them and how nomadic or stable they were.

Maps play a major roll in understanding the changes.

Having read where some teachers are now teaching 1st graders how to read a map, how much more
exciting it must be for those students.

We forget that many countries we think of as in the Old Country are really fairly new countries within that region.  Do you know when Italy was created?  It might shock you.  Do you know when Germany was declared a Country?  It was long, long after many of our kin came to the USA.  At least for my family this holds true most were here when we arrived or came within 50 years of our starting up as a Colony of Britain.

Look back 20 years from today and see the names of European and Asian countries that have been dissolved or names changed. What a nightmare to have to start research in which country.

Below is listed a site that shares information on some of the areas of which I speak.


Much that did not show is shown here. Using the Treaty of Frankfurt as an example. French or German.

Thanks for the great post.

You can not have come from Germany unless it was after 1871.
germany founding date



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