Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reviews on Genealogical Programs by James Tanner of the Genealogy's Star blog

  I can not copy his blog but I can refer you to it so you can read his information for anyone and everyone who is not familiar with some of our Genealogical Programs.

Today Mr. Tanner wrote a great easy to read and understand blog about some programs.

Sharing that I myself use:, started with, and for a tree.
I also use Reunion for Mac.

I will share that if I had a PC I would rush to Roots Magic and use it with My Heritage as my basics.

Having not ventured into Family Search's Tree or Wiki's tree program.

Started with PAF for MAC long ago then had FTMaker, then MAC Computer brought me to Reunion. Jamboree introduced me to long ago. Then David H. introduced us to  Wow what a great program.  In the mix at Jamboree I attended a ROOTS MAGIC event with Bruce Buzbee.  Have half hankered for a PC again ever since.  Even thought of a Android device for putting it on.

I love how it works and how My Heritage works the best of all of them.

Go here and read what James Tanner has said for his thoughts.

Genealogy's Star

What Do the Reviews Have to Say About Genealogy Programs?

Thanks Mr. Tanner for posting this so I can share your knowledge with those who haven't subscribed to your blog before.

Thanks to Randy Seaver sharing about James Tanner a little more than a year ago with me.

He is up there with Judy Russell in informative information for basic genealogists, etc.

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