Thursday, September 24, 2015

More Weird News, Ancestry Just Keeps Doing

Ok, hoping your day starts in a jolly mood.  After all it is the second day of Fall.
Does that matter to you, probably not, but we are advancing towards winter when many
spend more time in research because the garden, yard or  out door chores are more minimal.

The other day Randy Seaver wrote about all these sources taken away. I read it and went to my site, all seemed well. I am speaking about

Yesterday after coming home from a mid day trip to  our new Local City Library of San Diego,
I wanted to add and check something on my Ancestry tree. I also wanted to get back to a person whom was working with me to find where we linked.

Would you believe the page opened up to something strange. I went to check for Shaking leaves and
there was no icon to push no place to find it. I was looking for other things and they were not there either.

Ancestry, why I ask did you ask us to reply  to your survey to make things better if you continue to
abuse your clients?

There was never anything wrong with the "Shaking Leaves", the problem was that your (Ad) implied everything a newbie found was correct and their lineage.  Two complete different things.

I do not hate I use it nearly every other day generally. Some days I do not work genealogy on line at all. I spend time reading books and sorting documents for missed clues.

So the bright colors in our trees are nice, it shows the people better and maybe will be easier to
explain to newbies the placement of the family when they start their tree.

What did  you do with my other things?  It seems I pay you a healthy fee for use of your facility and I expect you to do it well and professionally.  

Massive changes such as what opened to me at 4 p m yesterday were not up to my standards of you as a company. It seems I have lost more information and this is the second time.

 Starting at age 12 by hand and worked with Mom, migrated out on my own and due to a failed system I lost much by not having the right knowledge to back it up. Second time I lost was when the back up system died.  Trusting a company to handle things, no wonder I worry about the CLOUD, and other ways of saving.  Now I am struggling with my relationship with this company and how it treats it's clients, whom without I am not sure would survive.

My tree is separated, I had to hand place the tree portion I wanted and it did not give me data I had stored there.   If  you have check your trees and data files.

At this point the only thing I liked was the color coded names in the tree, but where is my tree in complete?

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