Monday, September 14, 2015

Information for Fall,

Information for Fall

Would love to have you all pop over to the  UpFront with NGS and read their recent post.

Archives Corps------ Saving what is in danger of disappearing

UpFront with NGS

Family Tree University is also posting some interesting news you may want to partake in.

Sept 18 to 20, 2015..  Family Tree University's Fall 2015 Virtual Genealogy Conference

My thoughts are great topics by great speakers and researchers..

The Price is out of my bracket so probably out of many others.  As I was preparing to sign up I saw the cost and about fell off my chair.

So wish some of this could be done at minimal to no cost.  Having used to give these activities, what it cost me was time for presentation creating, presenting and responding to questions. I sat at my computer at home.

Please super great people try in the future to think of a more reasonable fee.

If you can afford it you will gain a lot of knowledge but at this time I can not.

Fire has damaged 4+ family members homes and jobs and a couple of deaths have changed how I look at what I am doing.


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