Monday, January 26, 2015

Steve Andres of the USS Midway Museum Presents.....

Wednesday 28 Jan 2015    Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library  365 F St., Chula Vista, CA

Noon to 2:30 pm

USS MIDWAY's service from 1945 - 1992..    History...  Slide presentation, brochures. a slide tour of ship.

Steve Andres is a 8 year veteran as the Midway Museum Docent. with over 2,000 hours.
US Naval Academy Graduate.  30 years of USN service, retiring as Captain.

Come join in the learning of ship life.  One never knows when the knowledge may break a  brick wall because you did not understand the terminology used by the serviceman.

Thank You for your Service  Retired Capt. Andres.

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