Thursday, December 12, 2013

Urgent Message Regarding SSDI Please Read and Act

Judy Russell just sent out a bit of news we need to act upon now.  It seems they think we are to busy doing Christmas and Genealogy and are trying to hamper hinder and take away even more.

Please go to Judy's blog page and read what she has posted.   They want to stop our use of SSDI again, with a 3 year closure which will or can lead to again permanent loss.

The Legal Genealogist: Vote looms on SSDI closure

Judy Thanks for this bit of news. Even if it is not good news.

ALSO I will say here they want to remove our Commissary's for Military, retired and active duty. Something promised us as part of compensation instead of adequate pay.


  1. It's a 3-year moratorium on seeing a person's death. If they died more than 3 years ago, users can see it. Where's the permanent loss?

    3-years is better for us than 5 or 10 or 50 or to ban it all together.

  2. Did you read her blog? She feels it is a pre run on another attempt to permanently ban. Maybe ask her?