Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tips Italian Style

Italian Tips for Tuesday

Having enjoyed a day in Encinitas with new acquaintances and friends recently, I shared some of my life as a younger person growing up in Valley Ford, California which was a dominate Italian Community.

Norma's Dad, Papa Bordessa, made us special breakfast once in awhile if we were quiet so he could sleep and get up at 2:30 A M to milk cows.   Pete and Alice Merga lived a shout away and we spent many hours climbing trees, playing ball and enjoying our youth. Oliver Illia's, Grandmother Del Curto taught me how to knit and crochet Eurpean style.  She was also Margery and Dick DelCurto's Grandmother. She was the Matriarch of the family and her husband was a Butcher.

Not long ago the mini ranch was sold, it broke my heart but it seemed to be the time.  I still have some older Italian friends and non Italians friends whom live there. My class mates still share words with me and when Norma and I get together we talk about that special breakfast her Dad used to make us. Especially in the cold wintery part of the year, when we stood out in the 30 Degree weather to catch a school bus to High School.

We all went to American Valley School. It was a two roomer built to replace the single roomer that was in front of our old barn.  It belongs to the County now and community events are held there. I waitressed at Dinucci's Restuarant.

Some Italian phrases were picked up easily by myself and siblings. Some I still remember. I miss walking up to the Post Office or Valley Ford Market and getting a salami and cheese sandwich.
I love the Teleme Cheese that they carry. We used to have that served on our plate in High School on Friday's with Tomato Soup or Tuna Sandwiches.

Here are some of the links I shared. Yes, we learned that the Germans and the Italians had something to do with my husbands ancestry also.  : > )

Italian URLs and Places of Interest
by Susi Pentico 

usgenweb.org by state, by county
worldgenweb.org by country
familysearch.org (LDS)
www.Italianroots.org (Peabody, Mass)
www.italiangen.org/default.stm ( Italian Research group)
www.circolocalabrese.org (exclusive Calabrian descent)really cool site
www.kofc.org Knights of Columbus,
http://italiangenealogy.tardio.com/html (Italian Genealogy Home Page
www.ancestry.com Paid site
www.umn.edu/ihrc (University of Minnesota at St. Paul)
Google.com ask for Italian Research many pages.
Library moves to new home in Metairie
www.myitalianfamily.com/ Italian Family Research
Last for now
overview of Italian Records_Italy Gen Web
Italian URLs and Places of Interest
by Susi Pentico
Turning Hearts: Pieve di Controne- 500 Years of Italian Research
Make sure you ask for death records, , military records, school
records, newspapers.
National Archives, State Archives, Historical Societies, Genealogical
Societies, Libraries (Colleges and Universities)
Biographies, Manuscripts, Books, Family Histories, Surname Books.
“Finding Italian Roots” by John Philip Colletta

This is a book that every Italian Researcher should have in their basket.
His updated one is marvelous. Thanks Mr. Colletta.

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