Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Learn to Blog by Susi Pentico 6 March

Why Learn to Blog

 Being asked, "What is a Blog?"  Why is it important?  We will discuss these topics and help you to start one of your own if you want.

There are ten questions to ask, if you should start a blog.  Interesting concepts but I think a wee outdated but worth covering.

If you have a computer bring it with you if not at least you can learn where to go to get started and of course the society will always help you.

Many have no idea why they are so beneficial to your research, that is why we are  going to help you learn what may give you answers to your Brick Walls.

For basics it is a larger query with more information so that the person reading it can be more enticed to contact you in hopes of sharing information or getting information.

Hope to see many at this event.

6 pm to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library, Lemon Grove, CA  8073 Broadway,
Behind Anna's and in far corner.

Susi at 619 623 5250 or


  1. I have two Google blogs that I use for Genealogy.

    I have two other Google blogs that I post to for other reasons. I try to post to these once a day. One of them is linked to Facebook using NetworkedBlogs. That is to say, whatever I post to the Google blog shows up a little later on my Facebook wall.

    I'm also experimenting with a private Google blog for personal note taking. I can look at my notes from any computer that has access to the Internet.

  2. O that sounds like fun. I love to read your blogs and always appreciate your comments. I want a personal blog but not figured out which way I want to present it yet. Thanks so much.