Monday, February 4, 2013

Research Material, Books, Quarterlies and Pamphlets

At our workshop on Saturday at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library I was asked,"Where did you find these books?"

Also was asked two other questions which I will address in the near future. Answers are coming so keep watching for the clues.

Having attended many genealogical functions in our county, the books supply keeps expanding at my home.  Various organizations have book sales every year. We sell our extra books at our Seminars, San Diego Genealogical Society does the same thing. In fact, right now, SDGS is selling off the duplicates because the City Library does not want them on their shelves and never thought to put them on the shelves for the people to check out and return.  For years, the Chula Vista City Library would take our duplicates and put  them in the open shelves for people to take home and bring back. Some where it stopped.  It was a great way to build up the Library's Check Out section and the Genealogical Resource area also, had less walk away.

There are flyers put out by several book makers that I am on the list of also. I watch for a sale, then I determine what I can use and really need. Last winter, I was able to get a bunch of Davidson Co. Tenn. books for our society at more than half off. Now that the library is collecting books again I am taking them in for them to shelf.

In the future when I get a flyer on books I will post the link here for you all to read.

One I really enjoy is called:   RHODE ISLAND: CENSUS OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE COLONY OF RHODE ISLAND & PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS, taken in the Year 1774. ed. by John R. Bartlett. 238+120p. Hardcover. -

This is an older flyer sent in December. I am awaiting a new one any day now.

But attend various meetings and also try E-Bay.  Virginia got a copy of my favorite book for Pennsylvania by watching Amazon. She also got it at a great price.  Also be aware, I think we are selling books at our Seminar on 30 March.  We have inherited duplicates and they will need a new home, why not make it yours.

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