Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday's Library Chatter, Lemon Grove

Wednesday's Library Chatter, Lemon Grove
Wednesday's chatter was interesting, thought provoking and bordered on may topics
of the human beings development. We talked about migration, brought up by Clayton
regarding a current National Geographic magazine. Since humans followed animals
for food and warmth,and we were talking humans being around 20,000 years ago &
2,000 years ago. We discussed various finds in various caves and places that
indicates that the human race is very old. We talked about the use of the human
mind and it's powers we have explored and the powers that we can possibly develop
and use to make the world better.

Did all this relate to genealogy? Yes, it did. We talked about the program on
Fox News the night before and MTDNA and YDNA. which brought about all the above
mentioned topics and more. Samuel Adams and genetics was mentioned and discussed,
also it discussed the intermarrying of nationalities and the break down over

Bryan Sykes book "The Seven Daughters of Eve," tells us our beginnings and it is
scientific not biblical. It has become a fairly well accepted piece of science.

I loved studying Ancient History because it talks of the early peoples. These
peoples later became what we have for people of today. But our labels today
are very misleading for a genealogist.

Why does a paper have born Germany 1780? As Leland M and I have talked this is
poor genealogy in my eyes. Germany did not become a state until around 1870 or so.
A paper saying of European descent may be better until the actual region is pinned

I think it would be fun to read a European's research paper for genealogy and how
far they go back and how do they list the Gaul's and Gaelic's etc.

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