Monday, October 11, 2010

Update from friend Dae and my schedule

You all may want to look into these events at the various places. The ones you will be unable to reach are on unless an aol member but almost all others are free.

I also do my shared Chat on Vital Records at

Thursday's 6 pm pacific time click on genealogywise then click on chat. Vital Records are presented every Thursday evening.

Dae, Jayne and others do presentations at various sites. I have known them for more than ten years, more like twenty at this point. We are old Golden Gate Forum Hosts.

Here is their data.

Jayne & Dae's Weekly Genealogy Chats Reminder

For a real genealogical journey! 11 October 2010
Mondae, 11-Oct-10, GENTREK presents "GEDCOM Torture Tests." We have presented information on what the GEDCOM contains and how it is stored. Here you'll see how YOUR genealogy software rates as to how it handles GEDCOMs. Join us at 9:00 pm EDT in the AOL Genealogy Chatroom.

Mondae, 11-Oct-10, GENTREK presents "U.S. Census, 1810 and 1820." We continue our series on the U.S. Federal Census and what it contains. Come join us at 10:00 pm EDT in the Genealogy Wise Chatroom.

Thursdae, 14-Oct-10, GENTREK will present "2007 Wholly-Genes Cruise, part 2." Jayne and I attended the Wholly-Genes Genealogy cruise in 2007. It was my second cruise and somehow talked her into going. This is the second part of our experiences at sea and ashore. We'll begin at 10pm in the chatroom of Looking4Kin.

Saturdae, 16-Oct-10, GENTREK will present "DNA, part 2." Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is the DNA located in organelles called mitochondria. Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA are thought to be of separate evolutionary origin, with the mtDNA being derived from the circular genomes of the that were engulfed by the early ancestors of today's eukaryotic cells. Not to worry, we'll explain it all. Come see us at 10:00 AM EDT each week in the Genealogy Wise Chatroom.

U.S. Civil War Chats
Thursdae, 14-Oct-10 -- The American Civil War History chat will present "Songs, Letters and Poems. Join us at 11 PM EDT in the AOL chatroom, Ancestral Digs.

Fridae, 15-Oct-10, the The American Civil War History chat will present "The First Submariners." As they lifted the hatch covers, foul smelling gas trapped under pressure hissed from the seals. Come hear the rest of the story at 10 PM EDT in the AOL chatroom, Ancestral Digs?

ShoeString Genealogy
Access FREE "Another Look at Obituaries" at ShoeString Genealogy.

Saturdae GENTREK Has Retured!
GENTREK for Saturdaes will continue for another month. Thanks to all of you who attend — we'll keep it going for YOU!
Relevant Links
ShoeString Genealogy

Bits of Blue & Gray

Genealogy Wise


Tips from our chatters
I spent an enjoyable Saturdae in Plano, Texas with David Rencher and Tami Glatz. They were speakers at another excellent genealogy conference. ~~ Happy Dae·

I just started subscribing to Casefile Clues; I really like it so far. ~~ Beth Gatlin,

I took all my obits and photographed them and put them all on disk. We collect obits of immigrants from my grandfather's village. I had to do hundreds of obits and I would have given up if I had to scan them all. I put them on a large sheet of white poster board and did them one after the other. I used my digital camera on the highest resolution as a scanner. ~~ Jo Saunders,
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