Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Review "Broadax and Bayonet" the role of the U S Army in the Development of the Northwest 1815-1860

Book for Research on Early Frontier America

Broadax and Bayonet “ the role of the US Army in the Development of the Northwest
1815-1860” by Francis Paul Prucha Bison Books University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.

Printed 1953 by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin

P 3 This was the WILDERNESS

P 14 The Military Frontier

P 34 Military and Manpower

P 55 Whisky and Intruders

P 81 Policeman of the Frontier

P 104 The Physical attack upon the Wilderness

P 120 From Swords to Plowshares

P 131 The Military Roads

P 149 Supplying the Army Posts

P 171 The Transportation of Troops and Supplies

P 189 Scientific Contributions

P 200 Touches of Civilization

P 225 Bibliography

P 247 Index

The Bibliography is 15 pages long. Very intense, very rewarding for
Documented information from 1815 forward.

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