Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lemon Grove 16 June Event Gary Brock

Gary Brock came to the Lemon Grove Group and did a great presentation about the Chula Vista Genealogy Society this evening.
I was rather impressed with the amount we have grown over the years.

The amount of books we have in the library for use and the amount we spend on the books for library every year was
impressive. This does not count the given books by the society members through out the year either.

We also have learned the area is better recognized now with new arrangements to help the library and the genealogy
representatives. That was so awesome to hear.

We are now 104 strong.

I was sad we had such a small number tonight but we never know whom will show up. Alas having the schedule correct on the
library calendar would be nice though. Always the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. 6 to 8 pm please. This may be why
attendance was low. I sure hope they do not show up next Wednesday for we will not be there.

Thanks to everyone for the nice evening. Library staff for the preparation, to the waitress who served our dinner later at Anna's.

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  1. oh so sorry I missed it. Sounds like lots of fun