Monday, June 14, 2010

Genealogy, Lemon Grove, speaker Gary Brock

Wednesday's Event will feature Gary Brock and his great tidbits on Society Membership.
It is hoped you will enjoy his presentation and have a greater understanding of what societies are and what they can do
to help a genealogist or family historian in their research.

We will also share some of the information we brought back from the Jamboree in Burbank this last weekend. Lots of classes were presented and many were attended by Virginia, Shirley, Ruth and Susi. Also both Cindy's were there as was Joan L and her dil. Of course many others from the San Diego Genealogy Society attended also.

We went by train to Burbank and returned the same way. What a relaxing way to travel. It is hoped more will consider this for next year because it breaks down to a very affordable cost and so much information is to be gained.

Please share this site with other genealogists in the area in case they would love to come and are working normally during the day.

See you Wednesday at 6 p m in Lemon Grove at the Library. If you need directions

Directions are: in Mall with Anna' on the corner across from St. John the Cross Church on Broadway and Washington St.,
in far corner.

Contact me at or post here.

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  1. I hope Gary plans to enjoy an omelete with us.