Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Card Party for MOM 90th

Hi fellow genealogists,

I am posting this in case you want to join in and send MOM a card. She will be 90 on the 29th and due to my siblings illness we are not able to host her a party so it was advised I try a Happy Birthday Card Party.

Remember she is turning 90 so larger print is easier to see, My relative said she would read the cards to her that she can not see though.

Because she has a PO BOX I think this is okay and the post office is prepared for her to receive mail for her 90th birthday.
I spoke to them before I posted in case it would be a problem.

She is the reason I started Genealogy when I was young to help her and then to help myself and my new born son.
He by the way just turned 50. So do your medical genealogy it may save a life.

Need help contact me.

send card to Dorothy JONES P O Box 253, Valley Ford, California 94972


  1. Wonderful, wonderful idea! She'll be getting one with a New Hampshire postmark!

  2. and she will get many from from the San Diego/Chula Vista area. Great idea Susi!! I do hope your brother gets well soon. I am also enjoying your pictures of Virginia from the Jamboree

  3. She will get one from Germantown, TN... Tina