Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Latest Adventure

My latest adventure was today, presenting data about the easy way to start your research. When working the table for more internet data and other information I was surprised and delighted to meet a potential new cousin and I sure hope they come back to another event and share more information.

It was interesting how all the pieces came together for this event. As we were putting this information together the mouse slipped and the frames changed. We both liked the new frame better. Mr. Jones where are you?

Other events happened through out the development of this program that were done the same way. I like intervention by the unknown it always seems to bring about a positive results.

So Mr. Lee I hope to hear from you soon.

To all those that helped even in an unknown way I want to say "THANK YOU" yes I meant THANK YOU. The event was a success we think. The feed back was very positive.

For those who had suggestions, ideas and thoughts along the way, Thank You.
Gary for your patience in melding my MAC WORD to your PC WORD Thank You.

A synopsis of the event can be found at my other blog site.

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  1. four new members to the society as part of your OUTREACH program. Great work.