Friday, April 30, 2010

Chasing Names and Chasing Places JIPP

This last week we went to meet a possible cousin of my dcd mother in law Louise Jipp Pentico.

Mary and I found Elkie Diehl in Germany a few years back and she has a Ggrandmother that was a JIPP.
Same region our Jipp comes from.

This week I meet a man that was a good resemblance of my husband in two dominate ways.

When Sis and I were walking back to meet this man she said, " Your right he does look like my brother."

So was there a Jipp way back some where that interlinks all these lines? It appears it may be the case.

Mom was from the lines near Wangels, We think the town of Grammdorf or very near. We have some

different information regarding the different places.

Are their other JIPP/JEPP researchers out there looking. Schleswig-Holstein area.

Jipps in Dohnsdorf dots over the o for sound. Who are they anyone know them?

WE do not know where Christian Frederick Jipp was born or buried. Believe them to be Lutheran, and they had two
Pastors as children. Charles was one. Ernest was the other one.

Christian Frederick Jipp was born 18 Sept 1824, marries Sophia Hammerich born 16 May 1835 in Holstein.
Children are:
Ernst b 27 June 1857
Wilhelmine b 24 March 1860 d 14 June 1862
Elizabeth b 14 June 1862
Henry, b 29 April 1864
Charles b 15 Aug 1866
Caroline b 10 Nov 1869
Herman, b 31 Jan 1874

Christian JIPP was a carpenter he died 4 Feb 1881 in Grammdorf, Germany at the age of 57.

In 1882, Sophia Jipp and her sister, Mrs. Grunwald brought the five children to America.

Ernst their oldest child came to USA in 1874 at age of 16. He studied to be a minister and died at age 23 in Iowa, in 1880,
prior to his father's death in Germany.

Later I can post the Picture of Mr. Jipp that we have. Charles JIPP was the father of Louise Jipp Pentico, who looks like the Karl Jipp in a German Advertisement.

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