Monday, April 19, 2010

Ideas and Thoughts

I have a strong thought about posting things that happen in our community that are affiliated with Genealogy. I stress that it may be a to political type item so many times I refrain.

Suspecting our community is loosing valuable knowledge because I have yet to figure
what the political out fall may be.

Truly admiring those who leap in and stomp and chomp and comment on some of the things I see.

Noticing also that if we do not step up to the plate, so to speak we are going to be loosing more knowledge and thoughts and ideas to carry us forward.

One topic is Libraries, another is Court Houses and their data. I for one, am
extremely upset over the mining that is ripping up graveyards and tombstones and adding it to the coal mines resources to go to ones homes to be used or factories to be burnt. Yes this is happening as we speak. Someone else blogged on it last week when my computer was down.

I thought our government had a handle on the destruction of cemeteries, especially if there was an Indian potentially buried there. Though I think that should not matter so much as the destruction of the site period.

Would this government that is doing everything but wiping our back sides actually pay attention to laws that are there that need addressed maybe things would be different. We surely do not need this myriad of new laws that have taken away college loans and already changed many peoples Health Care program.

Thought we were told it did not affect us only those without insurance. WRONG
Thought they wanted us finish the education that was so nearly completed. WRONG
Does not pay to think. They don't...

I am not for all these things that will wipe our country off the map with debt and
the playing field.

Our Court Houses and Libraries should be successful and the government needs to
realize that there are ways to survive with out destroying what you have.

I do not think it wrong to pay $10 a year to have access to a library. After all
the people won't increase taxes for fear of money going wrong place so put money where you want it on your own. I am sure if everyone whom used the library paid ten dollars a year they (Libraries) would not be in the mess they are. It is our Libraries and our country. At least until some one else gets a hold of it.

Court Houses have money to make if they would only utilize their goods. I know of
places that have turned a pain in the neck to one Court House into a money making
revenue bringing in event at another. One does not even have to reinvent the wheel.

So I woke up this morning thinking of the blog I read at Library last week regarding the mining of the cemeteries because they are out on hillsides away from
main stream public.

The library became involved because they keep cutting and playing and totally confusing the very people they were put here to serve. I can not remember what day,
what time and when which one is open. One needs a calendar to keep track of this.
I truly believe if you have 300,000 people in the region or if you even had 400 people
to have the library available to use by the people a nominal fee of $10 a year, would be acceptable.

So that is my Monday Madness. I really must be mad to jump into a political agenda for the day but they do affect genealogists.

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