Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lemon Grove Irish Meeting

Hi everyone, when I return from Los Angeles I will send out notices with urls and information for you to use. Thank you all for attending the Irish Learning Event.

I will post some Irish learned data on this blog also but wanted to tell everyone thanks
for coming and sharing those surnames and places.

Was great to see new faces and learn of new places. Troy Irish web site .. for all Irish not just Troy and for all nationalities not just Irish. :>) my home web page many names blog I have to share another with
great potential for more help. It has online chats and society groups you can join for free.

For those who want to try FACEBOOK.COM after you sign in look for the little blue and lite blue people figure on bottom of page it takes you to the groups lists.
Many hundreds of lists for all over USA. Also NEHGS , OGS Ohio Genealogical Society, and others no fees involved in this area. another site I use to look for wills,probates available free to learn not free for data. A good site. is good a part of ancestry but free.

My favorite to use site to start always is Does state, county and
lots of pertinent knowledge to guide your research.

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