Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family History Fair in Escondido, Ca

Saturday morning I woke early and met Virginia and we went to the parking garage and met with other CVGS members to car pool to Escondido. Gary and I drove. It was a quiet and enjoyable ride up the road. No rain was in sight.

We attended the History Fair and learned many interesting and useful things to apply to our research methods and places to contact and events to go to for further research knowledge. Huntington Library we are tracking you next.

Jeanne Isreal and I attended a duel presentation given by Daniel Bartosz on researching
American Indians. Two different topics and loads of information in both. Presentation was so easy to follow with such a difficult subject we applaud you for your endeavors Mr. Bartosz. I loved that he sourced much of his material in the book for us to refer to when on our own. He also does a four hour presentation that I am most anxious to attend down the road.

I then went to lunch with Ruth, her Aunt and Ann Diffley. We discussed the topics we had already seen. We all seemed to feel we were learning an tremendous amount of good information for use in our research.

After lunch I went to the talk by Barbara Renick, I have enjoyed her talks for many conferences and always delight when I get to hear her speak and expound and exhilarate us with information and knowledge and ease of us to understand what she is saying.

Her easy way of presenting the data on her topic,"5 C's to Success in Genealogy Today", I would list them here but not sure that copyright laws would apply.
Her matra she learned to remember to site your source was excellent to help us all.
If she gives permission I will later share it here with you on another day.

I for one have said I get excited and forget to take the (where) when I find a very lost link in genealogy. At first I thought this method was a bit archaic but then thinking on it. If you write the source before you verify the data if it not yours you just delete if yours you have not forgotten to take it with you.

She is always so informative and shares great visual aids to back up her talk.
Thanks again Barbara for such a great presentation. My four hours of sleep the night before hindered setting very long but I did listen to you speak. Thanks .

After this I checked at our booth and wandered a bit to get some air in my lungs and clear the fog that had tried to settle in from lack of sleep. I then popped into
Jean Hibben's talk and stayed for her second one also. Virginia came in and shared the second one as did Gary.

It was a great event and the societies that were there were varied and numerous: Sons of Norway, A Scottish one, CW southern and CW northern, War of 1812, many of the variant genealogical societies in our county also.

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