Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lemon Grove Meeting 3 Feb

We had a great group come to our event last evening. With the diverse background of our group many times we can share knowledge, appreciate it and pass out even more knowledge regarding changes in our world and how it affects our research abilities. We had many success stories last night and some with a complete reverse from what grandparents had said. But the links were found and the data has been great for them to fill in the blanks. For some of our newer members I shared a 5 Generation Chart with them and a Family Group Sheet to become familiar with and fill out for next meeting.
We still have a lost Andersonville Prison ancestor. We still have a ships captain that
family thinks was commandeered to work for the War. A letter's reference left more questions than answers. We need advise on how to even find information on what the government did when a ship or boat may have been needed. I suspect it was commandeered and they may have even let him stay as Captain, since he would know his boat the best.
One member is finally closer to proving his case to the government. His Mom's birth certificate says born in Chicago Ill. Alas later some one said she was born in Canada thereby causing major problems. Everyone comes with interesting situations, some times it takes us awhile but we generally find the answers or where to go to learn more information.

The next meeting we will have a talk on Genealogy in the Future, regarding changes we can be familiar with, how we can protect our selves from loosing some of the data no longer being made available to us.

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