Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cold Calling is a useful Tool.

I recently gave a talk and many people asked me about the term "Cold Calling"
that I used.

It is a simple method of using a telephone and I do same on emails & lists today;
You go to the phone book in region your doing research you pick out the surnames
you are researching in that area. You take their information and you one by one
contact them for any information they may have on your family.

It is another form of Surname lists. But I watch for surnames in all posts
whether it be on a Roots list, Face Book, Ancestry, Rootsweb or in a society roster.

Doing this method may garner you far more information than you imagine.

In doing this make sure you have data in front of you to share with receiver,

if they are potential kin.

Do not make it in depth but have it so the information is understandable in
none genealogical terms.

In small towns I have called the Chamber of Commerce for suggestions on where
to learn information and they have been very helpful telling a person which
group will potentially have more data for you to seek. They can also many
times tell you names of people whom you may want to speak to regarding
information at this facilities.

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  1. Cold calling is a very useful tool it can bring a lot of business into your company. But it is necessary that you are very confident and polite when you make cold calls to a customer. Cold calls can increase the reputation of your company or it can even spoil the reputation.