Sunday, February 21, 2010

52 Weeks Challange 8 online maps collections

Hi everyone I use maps extensively in my research. I use online maps when available.

The site has many maps of various regions to be used with research in times past eras. Kentucky has a great one where it rotates through the development of the state via years. I have used some from Virginia also.

I also use maps that are printed by the government and private individuals. Dr. Hively has done a great service for those searching in York Co. PA.

I have no luck with google maps and I just tried them again today.

It was Dr Schweitzer that started my use of maps extensively. I love the use of a travel map and pins put for each name in a specific color and then you can see where the lines link up generally. It also helps you when data missing to know where you should be looking for missing data.

Alas most of my map sites are on the old aol platform and when we upgraded in December I have trouble attempting to retrieve them easily. It is the project my friend and I are working on now. But I am a major user of usgenweb sites and the maps they recommend.

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